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June 30, 2022

Just Closed | Emerald Cove | 2073 Hayfield Way, Apopka, FL, 32712

Just Closed | Emerald Cove | $372,000.00
2073 Hayfield Way, Apopka, FL, 32712
Congratulations to our Customers Michael & Sherin Caldwell on the closing of your gorgeous home in Apopka. On behalf of co-listing agents Joanne Montchal and myself, we truly appreciated the opportunity to list and close on your home. We were able to get a full price, cash offer and was also able to negotiate a delayed closing until your new home in Mount Dora was ready.
If you, or anyone you know is looking to purchase a home in Apopka, Mount Dora, or anywhere in the Central Florida area, please contact Joe Bornstein, Broker, Rock Springs Realty at Cell# 407-252-8092, joe@rockspringsrealty.com and I'd be happy to assist. Also visit: www.RockSpringsRealty.com
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June 30, 2022

Just Closed | Lake Franklin Park | 166 N Lake Franklin Dr, Mount Dora, FL, 32757

Just Closed | Lake Franklin Park | $387,000.00
166 N Lake Franklin Dr, Mount Dora, FL, 32757
Congratulations to my friends & customers' David & Isaura Crump on the closing of your family home in Mount Dora featuring over $37,000 of recent upgrades, including a brand-new kitchen & bathrooms. It truly was my pleasure working with you both and I wish you the best of luck in your move out of the country.
If you, or anyone you know is looking to purchase a home in Mount Dora, Apopka, or anywhere in the Central Florida area, please contact Joe Bornstein, Broker, Rock Springs Realty at Cell# 407-252-8092, joe@rockspringsrealty.com and I'd be happy to assist. Also visit: www.RockSpringsRealty.com
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May 12, 2022

What Is a Kick-Out Clause? Helping Sellers Get the Best Deal in a Timely Manner

What Is a Kick-Out Clause? Helping Sellers Get the Best Deal in a Timely Manner as Published on Realtor.com (www.realtor.com) by Tara Mastroeni on May 8, 2022
A kick-out clause gives sellers the ability to continue marketing a house in the event that they receive an offer with contingencies, or conditions that must be met. One of the most common contingencies is that the buyers must sell their current home. But a kick-out clause in the sales contract allows the seller to “kick out” a buyer with contingencies (after a certain time period) if a better offer comes around. Read on to learn how this clause works and what to do if you see one in an agreement of sale.
What is a kick-out clause?
Let’s say a seller has found some buyers, but the buyers are unable to purchase the house until their current home is sold. Since it’s not in the seller’s best interest to take the home off the market for an indefinite period while waiting for the buyers to sell their home, a compromise known as the “kick-out clause” may be used. This clause says the seller can continue to market the house even under a contingent contract. If another qualified buyer is found, the seller gives the initial buyers a certain amount of time—usually 72 hours—to either remove the contingency and keep the contract alive or use the contingency to decide not to purchase the new property. A compromise for buyers and sellers for sellers, a kick-out clause is an acceptable arrangement because, although they have signed a contract, they remain able to keep the house on the market. They still have the right to show it to other potential purchasers and (depending on state laws and restrictions) potentially accept backup offers. For buyers, a kick-out clause can make their offer look weaker than one without it. Sellers may not want to take the risk, especially if other offers have been made. A seller who accepts an offer with a kick-out clause is likely to have more leverage during the home sale contingency period (the period during which the contingency must be met). For instance, a seller who gets a higher offer could use other contingencies—such as the financing contingency—as proof that the initial buyer is incapable of purchasing the property. When this happens, the original contract will be dissolved, leaving the seller free to negotiate with the person who made the higher offer.
Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, make sure that you understand the specifics of a sales contract before signing on the dotted line. If your contract is to include a kick-out clause, Ben Kass of the Washington, D.C., law firm Kass, Mitek & Kass, PLLC, recommends that sellers remember to include that “satisfactory evidence” of the buyer’s home sale should be provided and that buyers include a clause stating that their earnest money deposit will be returned in the event that the kick-out clause is invoked.
If need be, consult a real estate agent or lawyer for advice on specific language in your sales contract.
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May 12, 2022

What Hot Market? The Secret Shame of Owning a Home That Just Won’t Sell

What Hot Market? The Secret Shame of Owning a Home That Just Won’t Sell
as Published on Realtor.com (www.realtor.com) by Janet Siroto on May 12, 2022
It’s a hot seller’s market, says, oh, just about everyone: Housing inventory is down, prices are up, and even modest abodes ignite bidding wars within days (or hours) of going up on listing sites. But what if, amid this frenzy, you have a perfectly respectable house that just won’t sell? It happens. Certain homes will almost seem cursed in that they sit and sit. And these real estate wallflowers can really mess with a home seller, both logistically (if they’re hoping to move soon) and emotionally. After all, most people love their homes and assume someone else will, too. So when no offers come a-calling, it can plunge sellers into a spiral of questions, from “What’s wrong with my house?” to “Will I ever get to leave?”
Denial, anger, embarrassment—all these emotions and more fill a home seller’s long days as they wait for their real estate agent to text or call with good news. Curious to hear more about what it’s like to be stuck in selling limbo, we spoke to some home sellers who struggled to land a buyer. (Spoiler: All of their homes did sell eventually, although that doesn’t make their pain feel any less real.) Let these stories serve as a hard lesson about the need to temper expectations in a hot market. And, in case you list your home with high hopes yet hear nothing but crickets, we also have some advice on how to deal with it and what you can do to turn this state of real estate paralysis around into something positive.
When a house just won’t sell: What’s wrong?
Nancy Stern lived in a former commercial building on Long Island, NY, that had been lovingly renovated into a unique living space. It had even been featured in a magazine or two. Yet despite its design pedigree, when she decided to list the home two years ago, the house sat for months, and her frustration grew. “There were houses [selling] that were so ugly—on a tenth of our property at our price point,” she laments. “I hated when people asked, ‘So, did your house sell yet?'” Finally, after several months on the market and a price reduction, her house got an offer below list price—which she grudgingly accepted. And now that her home-selling saga is over, Stern has some perspective on how her expectations were off-base. “My mistake was thinking people moving from the city would appreciate a home that was architecturally interesting,” she says. “But unless you have a Colonial or standard new construction, many prospective buyers can’t imagine living there.”
How a slow sale can put your whole life on hold
Jessica Clark, a gluten-free eating expert in Lincoln, NB, had a similar experience late in 2020, only it was intensified by the fact that she’d already made an offer on a new house. She needed to sell her old home to finance her purchase. “We had a contingent acceptance on our dream home,” she says. Told they were in a seller’s market, she and he husband were optimistic about their prospects and had the home shown like crazy. But there were no offers. It was a painful time, she says: “We felt defeated and so worried.” Despite hearing of homes selling within days, her house sat for well over a month—which felt like an eternity with their dream home hanging in the balance. Finally, one buyer lowballed them an offer. Having heard plenty of stories of homes selling for over asking price, Clark admits that this felt like a blow to the ego. “It wasn’t the best,” she admits. “But we felt forced to accept.”
‘I was close to giving up’
Buying and selling properties at the same time is just one of many predicaments that can ratchet up the pressure sellers feel to unload their home quickly. Matthew Hart, an automotive expert near New York City, was going through a divorce when he put his home on the market in 2019. The hopes were high for a quick and profitable sale, given that the sunny, cute-as-a-button Colonial was in a desirable neighborhood. At first, all seemed well as a gaggle of buyers called to schedule a tour. “We had over 40 people come to look at the house but had no luck,” Hart says. The reason, he surmises, is that although the home was in good shape, his disclosures alerted buyers to an oil tank buried in the backyard. He and his wife had known it was there when they bought the place, but it had never caused any problems. They knew that was a negative, so they priced the home appropriately. But it made no difference. No one put in bids. Matt refers to it as one of the hardest moments he’s ever faced. “Bills were piling up, and I was close to giving up and turning the house over to the bank,” he admits. “It felt as if I was stuck in another dimension, and things would never, ever get better.” Finally, after six months, a couple made an offer, which Matt and his wife gratefully accepted, even though it was under the asking price.
Home won’t sell? What to do
As helpless as home sellers might feel when their house sits without offers, there are things you can do. Ask your agent what time frame for a sale is realistic in your area and given your home’s condition. And if your home sale drags past that point, ask your agent what’s up. Is it priced too high? If you’ve had buyers take a tour, was there anything in particular that made them steer clear? “The agent should get feedback from anyone viewing the property,” explains Tami Bonnell, co-chair of EXIT Realty Corporate International. And even if no buyers have toured the house yet, your agent can also consult other agents and colleagues. With this intel, your agent can suggest ways to boost interest. Decluttering, rearranging furniture, staging, and even a bit of renovating can often nudge a home sale forward. Yet if you’ve done all you can and are still playing this waiting game, you might need to pivot. Since you can’t change buyers’ minds, the better tactic at this point is to change your own. For starters, stop trying to keep up with the neighbors, even if they sold their home fast for top dollar. “A hot market leads people to believe that, because the house down the street had a bidding war and fast sale, they will follow suit. When reality falls short, there’s disappointment,” says Laurie Leinwand, a licensed professional counselor, of Three Steps Forward. “Your objective is to sell. Let go of time frame. It will happen when it’s supposed to. If it takes a little longer, that’s OK. And if the thought “What if it never sells?” starts spiraling in your mind, know that you don’t need to buy into that worry and feed it. “Shift from ‘what if’ to ‘what is,’” Leinwand says.
“Trust the right person will come along. It’s similar to dating. You just need one right person,” she adds.
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May 12, 2022

7 Decor Items That Will Sell Your Home (and 3 That’ll Keep It on the Market)

7 Decor Items That Will Sell Your Home (and 3 That’ll Keep It on the Market)
As Published on Realtor.com (www.realtor.com) by Erin Gifford on May 4, 2022.
When you list your home, the process can be overwhelming and full of uncertainty. Where do you start? And how much do you really need to do to make sure your house doesn’t linger on the market? Well, consider this your secret formula—straight from the pros—for getting your place sold fast. It all comes down to simple decor touches that can give your home a glow and make buyers want to snap it up before anyone else takes a look. But on the other hand, there are a few things that can leave buyers with an unfavorable impression of your home—and send them toward the exit. Here are the decor items you should put out—and the ones you should hide far, far away—to make your home as buyer-friendly as possible.
1. Fresh flowers
Fresh flowers can make any space feel warm and inviting, and buyers will perceive that a home with well-cared for succulents and orchids is itself well-cared for. “I love to create unique floral arrangements to place in key spaces like the dining room, master bedroom, and living room,” says Washington, DC–based decorator and real estate agent Amber Harris of At Home DC. “Artificial flowers can supplement fresh florals, but [you can] ‘wow’ buyers with fresh-cut stems.” And it’s not enough to display plants and flowers the day of an open house—any photos on your home’s listing should include greenery to catch the eye of potential buyers.
2. Well-placed mirrors
Mirrors can brighten up a room and make it appear larger. If you don’t have high ceilings and oversize windows, use strategically placed mirrors to easily enhance a space when your house is on the market. “Mirrors are an optimal way to create the illusion of larger rooms and draw attention to a home’s entertaining and kitchen areas,” says Lara Rhoades Ewing, a Realtor® who’s with Century 21 Redwood Realty in Ashburn, VA. “Mirrors are also a better bet over paintings, which can turn off certain buyers.” A large mirror on the wall of a small room can also add dimension to the space, making it more pleasing to the eye. Place mirrors near windows to get the added benefit of reflected light in the room.
3. Area rugs
Spaces with wood, tile, or luxury vinyl flooring can appear cold and lackluster without an area rug to brighten it and add warmth. Worse, sofas and chairs placed on bare floors can give the impression that the owners didn’t care enough to finish the room. “Light and bright area rugs give way to defining the space,” says certified interior decorator Dawn Earles of Dawn Earles Design, in Waterford, VA. “They also bring texture to the room, making the room more inviting to buyers.”
4. Fresh towels
Make a beeline to your local home furnishings store to stock up on fresh, never-been-used towels, as well as bathmats and doormats. “No matter how clean your bath and dish towels, they’ll never be new again,” Harris says. “Buy new towels and place them strategically. A small investment leaves a great first impression.” Fluffy, matching towel sets can make any bathroom feel luxurious, as if it’s in a five-star hotel. And buyers will want to envision themselves in that space.
5. (Good) lighting
A dark house will not sell quickly, so you need to find a way to bring light in. “Lighting is key to making a home shine,” Earles says. She suggests following the rule of three to illuminate your home. That means having three sources of light (e.g., two table lamps and one floor lamp), all with clear, incandescent lightbulbs. Light-colored accessories can also help make a space pop.
6. Glass tables
You might be seeing a theme by now: Making your home look good is all about making it look lighter, brighter, and bigger. Glass tables, whether coffee tables or end tables, are an outstanding tool to have in your home seller’s toolbox. “Glass tables with metal hardware help reflect light and visually creates open space,” Earles says.
Decor items to ditch
1. Anything political, religious, or even collegiate (including T-shirts)
If a debate can erupt over anything in your house, get rid of it. Or, at the very least, make sure it’s out of sight. We’re talking “Make America Great Again” hats (and even just red hats), campaign bumper stickers, church bulletins, and even college diplomas. (Yes, a college diploma seems innocuous, but it’s entirely possible that a prospective buyer may be turned off by the sight of a diploma, bumper sticker, or any kind of memorabilia from a rival school.) “I always advise clients to depolarize and neutralize their home before listing to unmark their territory,” Ewing says. “Make a home look as though you are ready to move on, and don’t forget about refrigerator items.”
2. Collections and anthologies
You may not be present for showings, but if your home is filled with a very personal collection, whether it’s vintage vinyl records, National Geographic magazines, or “Star Wars” collectibles (no matter how rare), your unwanted presence will definitely be looming over buyers viewing your home. Worse, all of those accumulated objects give buyers the impression that your house is smaller than it is. “Don’t leave buyers questioning whether there is adequate storage space in your home,” Harris says. “Instead of bookcases filled with classic book collections, mix a few favorites with interesting accessories.”
3. Any personal items, no matter how small
You probably already know you should remove family portraits from your home before a showing. But it’s more than photos. Remove anything that reveals much about your personality or lifestyle, like marathon medals, refrigerator magnets, or cosplay costumes.
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May 12, 2022

4 Things People Say About Selling a Home Today That Just Aren’t True

4 Things People Say About Selling a Home Today That Just Aren’t True.
As Published on Realtor.com (www.realtor.com) by Erica Sweeney on May 4, 2022
You’ve heard the stories: Maybe your neighbors sold their fixer upper as is for $100,000 over asking price. Or your friends were deluged with crazed homebuyers engaged in a bidding war within 24 hours of putting their house on the market. It’s no secret that today’s seller’s market is wilder and more competitive than it’s been in years, fueling sellers’ hopes of major profits if they list their own home, too. All of which could be true—but only if you gauge your market carefully and handle your sale with care. “The biggest issue I’m having when I talk to sellers is, they’re seeing stuff in the papers or hearing from their neighbors, ‘Oh, this house just got this absolutely crazy price, or this guy flipped a property for a huge profit,’” says Liz Hogan, vice president of luxury sales at Compass in South Florida. “Those stories are circulating because they’re the anomalies. Nonetheless, a lot of that chatter has made sellers think that even their home—which may just be a regular home and not a super spectacular listing—is going to get some crazy price. That’s not necessarily going to happen.”
For one, this strong seller’s market has started to show signs of softening, with fewer buyers and lower prices. This means sellers may need to reset their expectations. To help home sellers' separate fact from fiction, here’s a look at four myths you’ve probably heard about selling a home today, and why they might not be true for you. Plus, we’ve got some tips to adjust your strategies for the realities of today’s market so you can up the odds that your home actually does become the next success story on the block.
1. ‘You don’t need to renovate—buyers will take anything’
In such a hyperactive market, sellers may get lazy and expect to get a high price for their homes without making any repairs or upgrades. But Jason Gelios, a real estate agent with Community Choice Reality in Southeastern Michigan, says this could set you up for failure. “Home sellers looking to get top dollar should not sell a home as is, even in this seller’s market,” he says. Despite the limited housing inventory, high-priced homes that need too much work are a turnoff, since many of today’s buyers expect homes to be mostly move-in ready. “Buyers today still want to walk into a clean home, one that has nice paint on the wall, that doesn’t have chipped-up countertops or banged-up refrigerators and toilets that aren’t working,” Hogan says. The truth of the matter is this: A fresh coat of paint, tidying up the landscaping, and a good scrub-down are inexpensive upgrades that bring a return on investment of thousands of dollars when you sell. And don’t neglect minor things like replacing lightbulbs and fixing broken doorknobs. They count.
2. ‘You can price your house sky high and get that amount’
It’s true that home prices have been going up. According to the National Association of Realtors®, the average home price was $363,300 in June (the latest month data is available), 23% higher than a year earlier. That’s quite a rise, but don’t let those dollar signs get to your head. “The market is hot, which makes sellers think they can just ask for whatever price they want and get it,” says Ruthie Assouline, a real estate broker with Compass in New York City and Miami. “That’s a myth, because it’s all supply and demand.” Homes need to be priced realistically in line with what the market is asking, the type of home it is, and its condition. “Just throwing something online and asking for a ridiculous price—you probably have to have the crème de la crème to be able to pull that off,” Assouline says. Pricing too high also means the home could sit on the market for a while. Plus, Hogan says she’s starting to see buyers push back on the high prices by delaying their home search or not making offers, forcing some sellers to reduce their asking price.
3. ‘Sellers don’t need to market their listing much—it will sell’
Recently, Hogan said a client was interested in a multimillion-dollar home in Miami, but the listing featured only one smartphone photo of the exterior. She called the listing agent to ask if more images would be added; the agent said the owner said they didn’t need more photos since they were certain the home would sell fast. “I’m like, for a $10 million home, you can’t spend $500 to take professional photos?” she says. “It’s crazy.” This is a common sentiment these days. Some sellers think putting a lot of effort into online marketing is pointless, since the home is bound to sell quickly regardless of what they do. But consider this: Most homebuyers start their search online—so if your listing falls short, you just won’t get much attention. Plus, Hogan says sellers aren’t always selling to local buyers who can drive by or are familiar with the area. “Homes hitting the market without professional pictures, additional pertinent information, and other appealing amenities that could sway a buyer to choose their property is a huge error,” Gelios says. Photos, videos, floor plans, 3D tours, and other details help homebuyers decide if a home is right for them and if they want to see it in person.
4. ‘In a bidding war, it’s a no-brainer to just pick the highest offer’
Bidding wars are common these days, with sellers receiving multiple offers with some over the asking price. Accepting the highest offer may be tempting, but it’s not always the best move. “It’s terms versus price,” Hogan says. “A smart seller may take a little bit lower price to get much better terms.” A lower offer that’s all cash, for instance, may be more attractive, since it eliminates the financing hurdle and could mean a quick closing. Or you may need extra time to stay in the home until you find somewhere to move.
Sellers should examine all factors of every offer, including a buyer’s finances, and not focus solely on price, Gelios say
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May 12, 2022

‘Unsellable Houses’ Unveils 5 Cheap Changes That’ll Rain Cash When You Sell.

‘Unsellable Houses’ Unveils 5 Cheap Changes That’ll Rain Cash When You Sell.
As Published on Realtor.com (www.realtor.com) by Jillian Pretzel on May 11, 2022.
Twin sisters Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis are experts at renovating run-down properties on their HGTV show, “Unsellable Houses.” But what if a house is already in good shape? Then their strategy shifts to shooting for the moon and maximizing profits.
That’s exactly what they aim to do in the Season 3 episode “Fancy Farmhouse,” when the sisters work with married couple Spencer and Molly. Their Marysville, WA, property, which they designed and built themselves 17 years earlier, is already nice and move-in ready. Lamb and Davis know that this house could sell for $700,000 as is.
The sisters also believe that they could sell this place for much more, maybe $850,000. Their tactic? Add $50,000 in upgrades that will make this house look unique and give it an edge. Find out the changes that help take an already great house to a whole new level.
1. Open up a tight staircase
When Lamb and Davis first step into this house, they’re not impressed with the tight entryway. Between the narrow walkway to the kitchen and the staircase, the space isn’t ideal. So, Lamb and Davis decide to open up the staircase wall and install a custom iron handrail to connect the staircase and hallway, making both feel bigger. Once the new railing is installed, the sisters are impressed. “Before, I would’ve rushed a buyer through that entryway,” Lamb says. “Now, I want a buyer to stop and enjoy and notice how beautiful and unique that entryway is.”
2. Try different island shapes
A large kitchen island can be a big selling point, but Lamb and Davis think this home’s large rectangular island could use some improvement—especially when they decide to add a long dining room table right next to the bar seating. Luckily, contractor Jeff Lawrence comes up with a brilliant idea to build the island in a pentagon shape. “The advantage of doing this is that we can get seating around here without encroaching into the room,” Lawrence says. Davis approves of the idea right away. “I actually really like this shape,” she says. “I feel like it’s just giving us that advantage, that step up from all the other homes on the market.” They go ahead with the pentagon island, and when the kitchen is done, it’s clear that the nontraditional shape was a great idea. The HGTV stars create more room to add a dining room table while still providing enough space for four seats at the island. It’s a smart, space-saving solution that other designers will surely borrow.
3. Add color in surprising places—like your sink
To finish this kitchen, Lamb wants to add a big farmhouse sink. However, Davis disapproves of the blue color she picks. “This is forcing a color on a buyer,” Davis says, gesturing to the blue sink. Then, pointing to a plain white sink, she says, “This is allowing a buyer to select their own color. In that price point, I think the buyer needs to make their own decision.” However, Lamb persuades her sister to use the blue sink, and it ends up looking perfect in the space. Next to the new black Shaker cabinets, the sink adds just the right amount of playful color to the room. While homeowners might not think to add a colorful sink, Lamb proves that it might be a risk worth taking.
4. Add high-end finishes to the bathroom
The main suite is already in good shape, but Lamb and Davis know that if they replace the builder-grade finishes, such as the laminate floors, they’ll really impress buyers. “Builder-grade materials totally make sense when you’re on a budget,” Lamb says. “And Molly and Spencer had four kids to raise.” Davis agrees: “To really maximize this home for a new buyer, we’re going to have to put in some new, upgraded product.” They rip up the laminate flooring and lay down stylish tile. They also replace the vanity and put in a black soaking tub. While Davis isn’t so sure about the tub at first, Lamb knows the black will bring some elegance to this farmhouse home. “That black tub, I don’t care what anybody says, it puts a bow on this whole design,” Lamb says.
5. Paint doors black for an elegant look throughout the house
To finish up the home update, Lamb decides to paint all the interior doors black, giving the whole home a more dramatic, elegant look. The new color not only looks chic, but it also matches the black cabinets in the kitchen as well as the black tub and the stair railing. The common color helps the entire home look cohesive and thoughtfully designed.
How much does this house sell for in the end?
Once the $50,000 renovation is done, Lamb and Davis list this home for $850,000, well over the $700,000 they would have listed it for before the updates. After just 10 days on the market, Spencer and Molly accept an offer for $875,000. Davis and Lamb recoup their investment, and then the homeowners and the sisters split the difference, each side scoring $62,500.
It’s an amazing profit and an incredible home upgrade. Davis and Lamb prove that while a home may look great, there’s always room for improvement.
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April 12, 2022

Just Closed | Commercial Building | 8525 US Highway 441, Leesburg FL 34788

🔥Wow!!! 🔥 The Market is "ON FIRE" 🔥
Just Closed | Commercial Building | $940,000.00
8525-8535 US Highway 441, Leesburg, FL 34788
to my Customer on the purchase & closing of their new multi-unit commercial building in Leesburg, Florida. This was a fantastic investment on a 100% occupied building & delivering an amazing ROI with an 8.6% Cap Rate. Located on busy US Highway 441 directly across the street from the Leesburg International Airport, the property also had many recent capital improvements including a new roof, windows and fencing.
We were able to utilize a 1031 Exchange which is a fantastic way to minimize your tax liability when selling/buying any investment property. Basically, under the Internal Revenue Code, Section 1031, any Seller of an investment property is allowed the opportunity to avoid paying capital gains tax when they sell an investment real estate property, then reinvest the profits into another similar property within a certain period of time.
If you or anyone you know is looking to sell/purchase a commercial or investment property and would like to learn more about the 1031 Exchange advantages, please contact Joe Bornstein, Broker, Rock Springs Realty at Cell# 407-252-8092, joe@rockspringsrealty.com and I'd be happy to assist.
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April 11, 2022

Strict Changes to Homeowners Insurance Requirements - Florida

🔥Wow!!! 🔥 The Market is "ON FIRE" 🔥
Attention Customers', Friends and Family! If you haven't heard, strict changes have taken place to homeowners insurance requirements when binding insurance on a new home purchase, or possibly on your renewal depending on the age of your home. The new requirements are in regard to the major mechanical systems of your home, including but not limited to: Roofs, Plumbing, HVAC, Wiring, Electrical Panel Boxes and Water Heaters.
Please review the attached flyer "carefully" for specific details. It's very, very important to understand these changes to protect yourself and your home.
Also, not all companies are allowing the homeowner to make necessary changes within 30 days of binding a policy. In some cases, on an ineligible item, the homeowner will be required to provide proof of repairs/replacement of the work "BEFORE" being able to bind a policy.
Feel free to call me with any questions. I'll do my best to answer them directly or refer you to multiple insurance professionals that can assist. Thank you again for all your support and I can be reached at: Joe Bornstein, Broker, Rock Springs Realty, Cell# 407-252-8092, joe@rockspringsrealty.com and I'd be happy to assist. Also visit: www.RockSpringsRealty.com

"It's All About The Results
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March 15, 2022

Just Listed | Sunset Groves | 28901 Sandy Lane, Tavares FL 32778

Just Listed | Sunset Groves | $509,900.00
28901 Sandy Lane, Tavares FL 32778

"MOVE-IN READY" 4-BEDROOMS, 3-BATHROOMS COUNTRY ESTATE POOL HOME ON 2-FULL ACRES, TAVARES, FL 32778. If you're looking for a Country Lifestyle with City Conveniences, look no further! This property is AMAZING & consists of a Main Single-Family Home, Guest House, Huge 24'x36' Workshop (Could be converted to another Guest House), 3-Car Enclosed Garage, Full RV/Boat Storage, Another 10'x20' Workshop and a 12'x15' Stable for your animals. The Owners have Updated & Upgraded this property which will Impress the Pickiest of Buyers. "THE MAIN HOUSE" is 3-Beds, 2-Baths and updated in 2018 which includes an Open Living/Dining Room Layout, Custom Designed Kitchen with 36" Solid Wood Cabinets, Soft Close & Insert Organizers, Custom Fabricated Stainless Counter Tops, Appliance Pkg including a Built-In Oven, Country Stainless Steel Deep Sink, Custom Tile Backsplash, Breakfast Bar, Tons of Counter/Storage Space, Recessed/Custom Lighting & Closet Panty. The Master Suite is a Perfect Retreat with a Large Bedroom, 8'x8' Walk-In Closet, Tile Floors and a "Safe Room" with Steel Walls and Door, perfect to protect the family in any storm. The Master Bath features a Custom Tub/Shower, Floor-To-Ceiling Ceramic Tile, Custom Hardware, Vintage Vanity, Blue Tooth Speaker and a Linen Closet. The Additional (2) Bedrooms are split with one set-up as a Home Office and the other as a Traditional Bedroom. Bathroom#2 includes a Walk-In Shower, Custom Vanity, New Toilet, Ship-Lap Wall Accent, New Hardware & Linen Closet. Addl Main Home Features: All items were Updated in 2018 - Roof, Electrical Panel, Plumbing & HVAC System. "PLUS"- Covered Front Porch, Screened Enclosed Rear Porch, (5) Panel Interior Doors, Double Paned/Tilt Sashed Windows, Pull Down Cordless Blinds, Tankless Water Heater, Brushed Nickel Hardware & more. "THE GUEST HOUSE" features a Large Living Room which is open to the Kitchen and includes 36" Solid Wood Upper & Lower Cabinets, Tile Counter-Tops, Custom Tile Backsplash, Appliance Pkg, Stainless Steel Sink, Tons of Counter & Storage Space and Dinette. Enjoy a Private Bedroom with a 10' Long Closet & Custom Doors. The Adjoining Bathroom features a Walk-In Shower, Floor-to-Ceiling Wall Tile, Custom Vanity, Linen Closet and a Custom Elegant Chandelier. Addl Features-Tankless Waterheater, Ceiling Fans & Light Kits, (2) Panel Doors, Stained Concrete Floors, Multiple Closets and Sliding Doors for relaxing on the "HUGE" 12'x35' Screened Enclosed Porch overlooking the pool. IF YOU ENJOY OUTDOOR SPACE, you will love the 16'x25' Custom Salt Pool, HUGE 40'x40' Pool Deck made from Custom Mother of Pearl and Coquina. The 6' Deep Pool features a Diamond Bright Finish, (3) Step-Stepout, Bench Seat, Pool Shower, Light & includes a 6' High Cedar Board-on-Board Safety Fence & Self-Locking Gate. DO YOU WANT TO BE THE ENVY OF YOUR FRIEND & FAMILY? Wow them with the Custom Domed Wood-Buring Oven sourced from Portugal. "ADDITIONAL PROPERTY FEATURES" - Remote Controlled Main Security Gate, Fully Fenced & Crossed Fenced, Open Parking Pads for (4) Vehicles, Upgraded Septic Tank & Oversized Drain Field, Dual "Rain Soft" Water Conditioners, Mature Oaks & Multiple Varieties of Citrus, Olive, Avocado Plants/Trees. Just 3 Minutes to Deer Island Country Club, 10-minutes to Publix, Dining, Shopping, Hwy 441, Hwy 429, Turnpike, etc. SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT, SERIOUS & QUALIFIED BUYERS ONLY. Call Listing Broker, Joe Bornstein, Rock Springs Realty, Ph# 407-252-8092, for more information or to schedule a "Covid Safe" Showing.

28901 SandyLane, Tavares, FL 32778
28901 SandyLane, Tavares, FL 32778
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